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The Collected Poems of Kate Braverman, Braverman Reader Vol. 1.
Acts of Autumn | a collection of poetry.
By Madness Wooed
Winter Blues | Anchoring poem for Lithium for Medea
Poipu Christmas Day 1988 | appeared in On the Bus.
Death Spell for a Departing Lover
Rushing | an anchoring poem from which Lithium for Medea is based on, appeard in Lullaby for Sinners (Harper and Row)
This is How I Must Be Loved
Spring Monologue | from the Pulitzer Prize nominated and highly collectable, Hurricane Warnings (Illuminati Press)
Ladies Night| New poem


Fusion City | Kate reads the first chapter from Frantic Transmission for KQED.
Transmission to Los Angeles # 5 | excerpt from Frantic Transmissions.
Postcard from Acapulco | New essay.
Writers Remembered | as delivered at San Francisco Public Library.
The Vollmann Interview | the unedited version, orginally in the Bay Guardian.
Europe Central Review | Braverman congratulates Vollmann on his Nat'l Book Award Win.
Bring on the Plague Years Salon.com article.
Marilyn Monroe interview in Zyzzyva, included in Frantic Transmissions.
John Belusi Elegy

Short Fiction:

Tall Tales from the Mekong Delta |Best American Short Story Award Winner & O. Henry Prize Winner.
Cocktail Hour | Pushcart Prize Winner
Pagan Night | Best American Short Story Award and included in the Norton Anthology of Short Fiction








Copyright 2007, Kate Braverman.